Summertime, summer, summertime

Time to site back and unwind…

… ‘Cause you’re invited to a barbecue…

The smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia… –Summertime, Will Smith


Frugalista Gifts for the Grill Master


Summertime and grilling. It’s a pastime. Some grillers consider themselves experts and love the tools that prove it. You probably have one or two of these aficionados on your gift list. Check out these Frugalista recommendations. No worries about whether your griller already has one. Likely, they can always use another—because grilling is hard on the tools or having another in reserve will make them happy.



Frugalista Gifts to start the grilling off right


Attitude Arpon by LA Imprings –


You don’t want them to mess up their outfits before the guests arrive, right?

Why not get them Attitude Aprons by L.A. Imprints.  Each with a subtle message like “Real Men Do Dishes.” stocks several aprons with pithy sayings. One will surely fit your griller. All washing machine safe. Perhaps, you’ll get them to do the wash, too?

List $21.00  $16

As of June 5, 2011 Tuesday Morning has grilling aprons for $14.99, or lower.  


Cathy’s Sports Beer Mug –

You can’t have them slaving over the grille without some refreshment—whether it’s root or barley beer; or a perfectly chilled Pinot grigio.Wayfair also offers Cathy’s Concepts Dad’s Sports Beer Mug. Heavy duty glass with a tapered handle. Sure, you could get a plastic one, but there’s just something about the heft in a mug.

List $30.00 $19.99


Griller prefer the Pinot? You probably don’t want to go with glass here. Give them this set of GSI Outdoors Stainless-Steel Nesting Wineglasses. Snap in bases make these easy to pack and store. And, they look cool.


GSI Nesting Wineglasses –

Frugalista Gifts to for proper grilling prep


Those wimpy grocery store fire starters won’t do for the consummate griller. Get them the nanoSTRIKER. The compact unit could fit on a key chain. But, size doesn’t decrease effectiveness. The ultra-sharp tungsten carbide insert creates maximum sparks to light the tender of their choosing. Provides more than 1,000 fire-starting strikes.

Nano Striker –


Fox Run Meat Grilling Basket –



And if you want to rescue them from the flipping accidents, consider the Fox Run Craftsmen Non-Stick BBQ Meat Grilling Basket. It makes the flipping easy. And, they’ll probably think they look cool doing it. Two gifts in one.

$18   (Also available at Amazon)

Steven Raichlen Kabob Rack –

 Your griller might also appreciate the Steven Raichlen Stainless Steel Kabob Rack with Six Skewers Set. ‘Cause it’s not fun trying to fish small or delicate pieces of meat out of the fire. As a plus, this rack raises the food above the grate for improved cooking. 




What grilling pro doesn’t brag about presenting chicken with thin, crispy skin surrounding juicy, lush meat?

Onward Grill Pro Onward Grill Pro Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster – fits large and small poultry.


Onward Grill Chicken Roaster –



Meatball Grill basket – Willams Sonoma

It’s almost guaranteed the average griller doesn’t have the Meatball Grill Basket. A different take on the cookout menu.  Smoke flavor infused meatballs. Has removable handle.



Frugalista Gifts for the grilling journey

Polder BBQ Thermometer


A true griller knows precision matters.

The Polder BBQ Safe Serve Instant Read Thermometer probe extends from 5” to 10”. This ensures accuracy and safety. Also gives off handy alert sound at proper temperature.

$21  (Also available at Sears, Amazon and Wayfair)



Grill Tray – Williams Sonoma

Your grill master wants the masterpieces from the grill presented and preserved well. The Grill Tray keeps an even temperature and holds its heat well after you’ve removed it from the grill.  They can use it to cook on the grill or as a server to keep food warm. Has pretty pewter appearance.



BBQ Spray Bottle – williams Sonoma

Friends of grillers don’t let them dump water on flames. Or drizzle it on the meat.

Get them the Stainless-Steel Spray Bottle with the precision nozzle. Spritz just the right amount for juicy meat or to tame wayward flames. The can use it for clean=up afterwards too.


Grilling is all about the flavor. Give them a signature like now other with the LE SCARLET PEPPER – Piment D’Espelette. Lovers of explosive flavor expansion appreciate this red chili (crushed or ground) from the Basque region in France. Piment D’Espelette adds extraordinary flavor to dishes or as a seasoning/rub bonus..



 No self-respecting grill master does it without tongs.  No piercing of the meat, just a quick turnover.  With the Digital Thermometer BBQ Tongs, you give them two tools in one. Equiped with 7 preset meat types and an alarm. Bonus: As of now, end of May 2012, Sharper Image offers a 20% discount for signing up for their newsletter.


Or, give them a couple of the tried and true manual ones. It’s likely they can’t have enough tongs if they cook out a lot. Thmight as welle Oxo Good Grips Locking Tongs get good reviews. Stainless steel, dishwasher safe.


The grill master might appreciate an additional marinade injector. Especially, the Steven Raichlen Marinade Injector. It has a 2.5in long stainless steel marinate needle, with double-holed design, so the marinade gets deep inside the meats. 


And if you’re getting the injector, might as well supply the marinades:

Budweiser BBQ Sauce and Marinade Gift Set – Four distinct flavors, complemented with the smooth, beloved Budweiser taste.


Or, try JARDINES the Three Amigos Texas Grilling Sauces gift set. Covers beef, fish or chicken


If your grill master is really into marinades, gift them the Grill and Barbecue Deluxe Gift Box. A ten jar set. Comes in box that can be used as display. Bonus: Use the packing material (Korintje Indonesian cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg from Grenada, and Turkish select bay leaves) in the cooking process.


Grill and BBQ Deluxe Gift Set – The Spice House

For fun, read this article, Marinate Meat for Healthy Grilling?  and casually work in that you’re giving them the marinades for their health.

Just so the masters can keep your orders straight, they might appreciate these GrillCharms. Includes 2 x Rare Charms, 2x Medium Rare Charms, 1 x Medium Well Charm, and 1x Medium Charm. Insert the desired Grill Charm into the steaks or burgers before placing on the grill. Take the guesswork out of who gets what steak. 



Whether you gift the grill master for an occasion or as a host(ess) gift along with a six-pack or bottle of wine, they’ll love any of these selections.

Happy Frugalista Gift shopping!

©2011 DLewis


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  5. bbq recipes
    June 25, 2012

    found your blog on google and was just what i was looking for, keep it up 🙂

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      July 22, 2012

      Thanks for the post link, Jittery. Your food looks and sounds delicious. Want to try to turkey burgers. will it work with canned salmon, too?


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