Frugalista Gifts: Deeply Discounted Jewelry in Your Neighborhood



In this final edition of Frugalista Gifts: Deeply Discounted Jewelry, we highlight Zales Jewelry Store. As an example of a dedicated, brick and mortar jewelry retailer. Last time, we highlighted an online jewelry merchant, Blue Nile. And initially highlighted an example of department store discounts at Macy’s

Refresher: Jewelry outlets tend to significantly drop jewelry prices during the non-celebration/non-holiday months. Given that, you have the rest of July, August and September to scoop up some gift bargains.  To read the original articles, go here:  Frugalista Gifts: Deeply Discounted Jewelry—Not Just for V- and Mother’s Day and Frugalista Gifts: Taking Advantage of Jewelry Discounts Online     

Are you a savvy shopper with spare cash? This is a great time to cover some holiday gifts, upcoming birthdays, etc. Gifts that will make their eyes go wide and cause authentic smiles of delight. But, back to the offerings at the brick and mortar jewelry store example.

The first noticeable thing. Zales carries many more men’s jewelry items—specifically sale items, than Macy’s or Blue Nile.  The drawback? It’s mostly

Figaro Chain Necklace – Zales

dog tags, chain bracelets and crosses.  Although this Stainless Steel Figaro Chain Necklace could make a nice gift. It’s 30% off from $59 at $41.3o.

Wood and Stainless Steel Cufflinks – Zales

These Wood and Stainless Steel Cuff Links make a great gift for an executive, pastor or similar cuff wearing guy. Down to $60 from $200 makes it a great bargain for you.


Still, examples such as above are few in the selections for men. The reality?  In the case of sale jewelry, it isn’t a man’s world.  But, if your male recipient likes dog tags, money clips and chain link bracelets…  


The discounts, overall, and variety seemed less at Zales. We effortlessly found significant deals on the department store example (Macy’s) and the online retail example (Blue Nile). Zales does offer an EXTRA 10-20% off clearance though.  And, there was the Diamond Baby Carriage Charm. On sale for $45 from the original $150. And the Diamond Accent Baby Shoes Charm, originally $120, priced at $36.

A new mother, or expectant mother, would adore one or both of these charms. Even if she didn’t have a charm bracelet yet. You’ll likely find one on sale at one of these type outlets.  Zales didn’t have any below $50. Or, without charms. The Black and Blue Multi-Charm bracelet makes a good buy, marked down to $66 from $219.

As to just getting the charms? Well, she can get her own bracelet and/or pass these on when the kid has kids. Actually Zales offers several diamond accent charms for 70% off if your budget stands bundling. Or, if a group gift is doable.


Heart in Heart Pendant – Zales

Zales’ sale items included a variety of heart necklaces. Know someone who loves those? Then you’ll find a gift here.  Again, much of this retailer’s offerings seem run of the mill. I did find a couple of notables.  The Diamond-cut, 10K Heart in Heart Pendant. Now $60 from $200. 

Paisley Open Heart Pendant – Zales



And, the Diamond Accent Paisley Open Heart Pendant priced at $45 from $149.  Both are different than the usual diamond accented and/or swirl ones.


So, thought we’d try another brick and mortar contender. Helzberg Diamonds seemed pretty much in line with Zales. Lots of heart necklaces. They did offer this distinctive Lab-created Ruby sterling silver ring priced at $60 from $200.

Sterling Silver Ruby Ring – Helzberg’s

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace – Helzberg’s

And, a 64” pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl Strand necklace, originally $200, selling for $70.

Helzberg also offers an EXTRA $50-$400 off selected clearance jewelry items.

You’ll find good pricing on bracelets. However,

Venetian Glass Hearts Bracelet

only five are within Frugalista pricing. Like this pretty Venetian Glass Hearts Bracelet discounted to $50 from $100.  

Helzberg does segment the jewelry by categories: rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.The men don’t fare much better at Herlzberg’s.  Again, it’s simply not a man’s world in jewelry retail.


The verdict after checking three types of jewelry outlets? Yes, the jewelry’s certainly on sale. You’ll probably find that to be the case at your favorite jewelry retailer or just about any of them. The real issue is the type of inventory they specialize in. Surprisingly, the department store, Macy’s, had the most variety.

Whichever outlet you choose, it seems now is the time to buy or stock up on gifts for recipients who love jewelry.


Happy Frugalista Shopping!



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