Fruga(lista) Host Gifts for Thanksgiving-and beyond

‘Tis the Season

Holiday gatherings and parties. Besides beautiful outfits, that means gifts for your host.  You wouldn’t bring any addition to the celebration (soup, really?) without knowing what the person wants, needs or loves. Many suggest traditional gifts of wine, candy, and flowers. Even then, you still need to know what they prefer, right?

Hostess_TGiving_Difft graphic

Anyway, maybe your host/hostess would love something they can see or use later. Something that reminds them of you and the great evening. Besides, the “many” aren’t the boss of us, are they?

Check out these Frugalista Gift ideas for presentations or ideas to make your Thanksgiving hosts remember you and the gathering with a smile long after the occasion. If there’s more than one host, you might want to double up on the selection or choose one that benefits both. 😉 Bonus: Some of these might give up some ideas for future host gifting opportunity or the upcoming holidays.

Where possible, under each gift idea, you’ll find several buying options (both online and brick and mortar)


For the Baker or Foodie Lite

A friend told me that people like to give host gifts of sustenance, especially during Thanksgiving. If you do, do make it special, memorable. Preferably something your gift recipient can use after the occasion. Like these:

… in the Middle East (and Morocco) it is the (lemon) rind (versus zest/juice) that is prized. …preserve their lemons, softening the rind and essentially pickling it… You won’t believe the taste when you try the.     Jamie Oliver, Food Network (article here)

Your recipient might have never heard of preserved lemons, let alone  of Preserved Lemons. They will quickly find many uses for this intense flavor on meat, stews, chicken, seafood, couscous. Improves all kinds of dishes. And of course African and Mediterranean dishes. And, even cocktails. Make sure your host knows that the lemons will keep for over a year, although after a few months a harmless lacy, white substance might form and cling to preserved lemons. Rinse it off, then good as new.


House Made Preserved Lemons Hostess_TGiving_Preserved_Lemons_formaggio

$9/lb Uses whole organic lemons in the preservation mixture. Sells them whole. This will certainly make an impact, and you can read the details to see if it’s worth it.


Mustapha’s Moroccan Preserved Lemons Hostess_TGiving_Mustaphas Preserved Lemon_Amazon

$23.50 (includes $10.49 shipping) ChefShop via “The ‘lemonness’ you expect is softened and sour and salty elements combine with a hint of sweetness for an entirely new flavor experience.”   10.7 oz jar

Mustapha’s Preserved Lemon Confit

$12 (including tax & shipping)   Uses preserved confit-style Moroccan Beldi lemons–fragrant with just a hint of sweetness. 12.4 oz jar.

Natural Organic Preserved Lemons By Moulin Mahjoub

$9 These Preserved Lemons arrived from the Mejerda Valley of Tunisia in the Mediterranean. 7 oz Jar.

You might want to give them this link: 11 Recipes That Make Preserved Lemons worth buying

And if you feel daring, there is always DIY Preserved Lemons

(Can you tell I love I was excited to find this product?)


Whether baker or cook, the host might enjoy a few bottles of Vanilla. After all, it’s a pantry staple. The paste offers concentrated flavor that’s much

Hostess_TGiving_vanilla-flower-in-watercolors_shutterstockmore convenient, but with the same pow for their creations. Still, they might prefer the aesthetics of the whole vanilla bean pods.

$8.72  $5.97 Natural Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste (Extract $4.95; Bean (2) – $9.93) 

Hostess_TGiving_Madagascar Vbean Paste_surlatable

$13 Pure Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste, 4 oz.

 $10 (Madagascar beans -2)

$16 Or, really impress and delight the host with LaFaza pure ground powder Vanilla from hand-selected, organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. This one would work especially great for dry rubs, drinks and dry mixes. 1 ounce size.



Your host might kiss you because these come in handy right away. Or, certainly they’ll find use for Tapas Serving Dishes between now and January—and well after. Gift tapas in square, round, flat or raised styles.

hostess_TGiving_tapas.plates_dominosThese small beauties, like England’s famous Royal Doulton 8-pc Square Trays, look great at any event for all kinds of appetizers, tiny sandwiches, breads and desserts…any small servings.



hostess_TGiving_tapas.plates_targetOr present the colorful, hand-painted 4 piece Certified International Tapas Canapé Plates. Several designs available.
extra 10% off select home items with code TURKEYDAY  save $5 when you spend $50 today on select items


hostess_TGiving_tapas.plates_JCPThis gift recipient might appreciate the storage stand that comes with this Latin inspired, hand-painted Certified International Tapas 7-pc. Serving Set with Ceramic Stand.  Available online only. Imported.

$75 $37.50 sale



The Simple Syrup bar mixer would work well for the entertainer who loves experimenting with craft cocktails.

$12 In classic and vanilla bean infused natural ingredients. You might want to present them with one of each, since they can also use these handcrafted syrups in non-alcoholic drinks or food recipes. Maybe they’ll invite you back to try a creation.  MADE IN THE USA

Hostess_TGiving_Simple Syrup_Liber & Co

$8.99 + $7.49 shipping (8 oz bottle) Liber & Co via Real Grenadine  is just one of the simple syrup flavors offered by Liber & Co. for cocktails. It boasts a pure, unadulterated pomegranate flavor from cold-processing. Their ingredients “come from a variety of growers and farmers, from world-renowned Texas grapefruit orchards, to a small, family-run pomegranate farm in California.”  8.5 oz and 17 oz bottles. Liber and company offers gift trios, too.  (By the way their story and backgrounds are fascinating. Read it here if you plan to give a couple of these. Then you’ll have an interesting tale to offer with your gift)  MADE IN USA

$15 – 17 ounce bottle bittermilk.comOr, this gift recipient might love to try Bittermilk’s tonics and syrups. Voted as one of the top ten goodie gifts. Like the Charred Grapefruit Tonic made with  charred peel from fresh grapefruits, lemon & lime juices and bark with just a little local sea salt. Several choice available. MADE IN THE USA



 You can easily pair any of these next selections with a bottle…or not.

Hostess_TGiving_cocktailKit_surlatableThis is made especially for distant travelers, but walking to the den could be travel, yes? The W&P Moscow Mule, Gin & Tonic, or Old Fashioned Carry-On Cocktail Kits includes everything—except the liquor—for this gift recipient to enjoy craft cocktails anywhere. So whether your host dings the air cabin button, brings the bottle to the den or raids the hotel fridge, this gift recipient will have it their way.

A wine chiller like the Corkcicle gives your host a chiller and aerator as they pour. Or, just for chilling, try the chilling Sleeve. And, like the gifts above, travels well. Made from BPA-free plastic and non-toxic freeze gel. Easily washes off.

Hostess_TGiving_Corkcicle_crate&barrel$25 Corkcicle 3-in-1 Wine Chiller

$13 Corkcicle


$12 Corkcicle Classic Wine Chiller, Cork  Available in several colors or original cork. MADE IN THE USA


 After a few, some guests won’t remember if they had the shoe or the top hat. No need to tell them that it was the state if California. Present your host with the ultimate solution to wine glass mix-ups. The Wine Glass Metallic Markers, Set of 3 in holiday colors

$10 Wine Glass Tag Set  

$10 Wine Glass Writer® 3-Pack

$10 Wine Enthusiast Wine Glass Writer





Some people carry their iPad everywhere, including into the kitchen for recipe tutorials. Gift them protection of the iPad and iPad mini Hostess_TGiving_iPadcover_williams-sonomaProtective Sleeves. This would make a great pairing with any of the gifts above. These are moisture-resistant,  high-tech plastic with maximum touch sensitivity. Set of 25. MADE IN THE USA

$19.95 $4 (Sale) williams-sonoma,com 



A Cast Iron Skillet might seem an odd gift for your host. But it will be a gift they’ll use the skillet often for perfect food preparation too numerous to list. One that comes with expert backed health benefits and better cooking (e.g. superior heat retention. Lay a package of specialty pancakes and/or package of bacon inside the 6” or 10″ skillet and further gift your host with an easy breakfast the morning after.  Bonus:  If they are campers, they use this one over open flame or to throw at a bear.

$11 – 60  Lodge Logic Cast Iron 6.5″, 8″, 9″, 10.25″, 12″ and 15.25″ sizes. (had offer of $5 off online purchase.  Don’t still see it, ask for it)

$16 Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet, 10.25-inch (6.5″ to 17″ – $9, $11, $14, $16 up to $78)

$30 $25 (SALE) Bobby Flay™ 10-in., Seasoned Skillet 



Gift a Chalkboard Menu and your host might use it that night to announce the courses. Later, it could come in handy to allay that pesky, frequent question:  ‘what’s for dinner?’    Hostess_TGiving_AntiqueChalkBoard_surlatable


$30   Antiqued Chalkboard Menu 

Hostess_TGiving_ChalkBoardEasel_Kohls$25 Vintage-inspired Chalkboard Easel. Walnut finish.

Hostess_TGiving_ChalkBoardPosterPrint_walmart$16 $12 (sale) Chalkboard Menu w/Fromage Poster Print. Printed on Premium Heavy Stock Paper  

Don’t forget the eraser:  $3 Quartet Chalkboard Eraser. 




Or, prettify their kitchen with a gift of the Simple Pleasures rosemary and mint caddy gift set. It organizes and offers the lovely aroma of rosemary and mint. Caddy contains hand soap, hand lotion and dish soap.

$20 $13 (sale) (BARGAIN ALERT: $10 at Black Friday, preview beginning Monday, 11-23-15

Hostess_TGiving_kitchen soapcaddy_kohls


 Happy Host Gift shopping.  May you find the perfect fit here or get great ideas that fit your host(s) perfectly . 

Of course your gift recipient might love wine, flowers or chocolate, so by all means give them what they love! (Just make sure you know what it is)

© DLewis 2015 All Rights Reserved


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