THE MIND SOUL CONNECTION (With a bit of body!)

Yoga remains in the spotlight with many people engaging, and more thinking about. The Rodney Yee: Abs Yoga for Beginners DVD makes it easy to start. These strengthening workouts, by one of the premier yogis, last only 20 minutes and includes conscious breathing and deep relaxation techniques.

A workout for your mind and soul – and your body!

[More advanced workouts are available.]


If your love already adores yoga, a gift of another mat. The Classic 1/8″ Yoga Mat is thin with a textured, non-slip, high-stick surface. You might pair this gift with a healthy food delivery subscription, present it with a bouquet of favorite flowers/food, or gift several in different colors.



Or, if they’re really into yoga, get a complete yoga set. The Khataland YoFoMat PRO Folding Yoga Mat. Excellent for the traveler. Made of
eco-friendly material, including an eco carrying case. In several colors.


A good night’s sleep or simple relaxation certainly aids mind, body and soul (M, B & S).  The HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine provides both with six relaxing sounds, including nature and white noise. Has auto-off timer.

15287680Or, for a bigger investment, especially if they simply want white noise to block out sounds (WHAT exactly are the neighbors doing?) The Dohm-DS by Marpac is a white noise generator that masks unwanted noises.


Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body. Martha Graham

Dance certainly revs the mind, body and soul. Has your love expressed interest in learning the waltz, salsa, swing, tango, etc.? Dance studios often exist in even small towns, offering group classes for as littleas $15-20/class (with $10-$15 to participate with a partner). Costs decrease with multiple classes (i.e.3-4, $45-$55). Most schools offer online gift cards, so you’re still good to go in presenting your Valentine’s Day gift on the day. Just insert the gift card in a lovely card or attach to flowers or similar.

$varies Search locally

Not Your Same Old Valentine: Interesting pairing ahead

Eating healthy, definitely M, B &S gift possibility. If they’ve expressed interest, consider the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook. Includes 150 healthy, easy to follow Mediterranean recipes.Bonus: Health experts tout Mediterranean dishes as ways to decrease the possibility of dimentia.


PAIR THIS COOK BOOK WITH A GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM A HEALTHY GROCER, LIKE Bristol Farms, Central Market, Citarella, Sprouts, Draeger’s etc. All have online gift cards.

Some gourmet meals and foods induce a spiritual experience; and certainly the mind and body.  If your Valentine is into gourmet food, gift them with gift cards to gourmet food retailors, such as:


191895Or, choose a gift collection, like the  Antipasto Gift Basket ftom Stonewall Kitchen for $39.95.  You offer to prepare it when it arrives and/or bring the wine. Then say, In the meantine enjoy these flowers, candy, (fill in the blank) – Happy Valentine’s! ).

Most of these type retailers (Dean & DeLucaFormaggio Kitchen,  Zingerman’s Delicatessen


You only have a few hours today and tomorrow, so get out there! Do check the retailer’s product sites to find availability at stores near you.

For more gift ideas check out


Frugalista Gifts:Last MinuteValentine Techie Picks

Frugalista Gift Ideas: Presenting Love, Competitive Style


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