ECO & Healthy -variations of the same theme

Whether your mother is keen on maintaining her own health or the health of the planet, you may find the perfect gift below. Or, get some really great ideas from some of them.


white-hydrangea-arrangement-in-glass-vase-cgift of the realistic White Hydrangea Arrangement in Recycled Glass Vase would please, and possibly delight, both the allergic or environmentally conscious mother.


The soft petal clusters making up the bouquet will seem even more realistic when you include a bottle of hydrangea Heaven fragrance oil. Mom will mix 10 to 20 drops with 2 to 4 ounces of distilled water in a spray bottle, and refresh the Styrofoam petals as desired. DON’T USE THE OIL UNDILUTED OR DIRECTLY ON THE BODY.


61ZMZ4X1ICL._SY400_Lavender is another versatile plant usable in all types of recipes and health concoctions. This is Lavender French Provence – so very fragrant with beautiful blooms. These grow about 30 inches tall; and flourish in several geographic areas. You might gift several to give her a lavender garden.
$7.25 + shipping

For other variations, check out Amazon’s other offerings. Or, check with your local nursery.

Remember to check out shopping comparison sites like bizrate and Shopzilla to find other retailers and price comparisons.


Gift her the Asian Spice Pack and your mother will get three spices in one set. Bay leaf, Ginger and Black Pepper – pantry standards for garden fresh flavor enhancements from drinks to salads to meats to desserts. Each selection comes in a potted container. These carry a bigger flavor punch than the bottled, store varieties. Easy care.


The Molcajetes featured in FRUGALISTA MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS: Green, Fragrant & Edible; and Their Peeps would work as a pairing with the Asian Spice Pack or Lavender.





Since honey is all the rage again, getdynamicimagethe artisanal Honey Taster Gift Set  might be perfect. Especially if Mom loves tea. Includes three bottles of all-natural, RAW honey: Lavender Whipped, Cinnamon Whipped and Arbol Pepper Infused. Perhaps bundle this with her favorite tea? Bonus: Created by a family owned operation in North Carolina, USA


getdynamicimage (2)

The AQUA DEL SOL RECYCLED GLASSWARE works as a wonderful gift for Eco and Entertainment moms. The use of broken soda bottles create beautiful, swirling colors in this set handcrafted by skilled artisans. From broken, recycled trash to a gorgeous, one of a kind set.

Pitcher $28; recycled wine glass, $10/each; recycled tumbler or pint glasses, $8/each (or set of 4/$25)


Make the beginner, intermediate or advanced yoga gift recipient happy. The studio quality Eco Yoga Kit benefits all skill levels. Mom gets choice of Eco mats, recycled Mexican blanket, Stirlen Chi Yoga Mat Spray all natural cleaner, and 2 yoga blocks. Bonus: for a limited time, get the DVD that follows for free using “FREEDVD” with order.
The Yoga Tune Up DVD, a whole body and fitness system, includes not only yoga, but complementary exercises and techniques. That’s a lot of benefit for free or at this price.
$ 15



After that, or any workout, Mom might appreciate a gift of the FruitFuzer – Fruit Infuser Water Bottle.  Heck, she might sip this 32-ounce enhanced, refreshing water throughout her day.


Check Shopzilla, and similar shopping apps, for more retailers and pricing.



FRUGALISTA.BLOG_Nonstick Square Grill_hwarming.palooza3 Healthy  frying? Yes.

The Calphalon Contemporary Square Grill elevates food so that the fat drains off into the clever ridges in the bottom. Non-stick surface for easy cleanup. Gift recipient can use in oven too!

$30 $40$30 $,$40


Pair a healthy oil with the artistic Gianna Cruet, hand-painted and kiln-fired by Portugal artists.

$15 $23


Choose one (or more) of these eco bracelets as a great accessory to summer outfits. Hand carved and painted by hand. $18 and up
A few of your choices:



Mango wood bangles
$21 $23.50



Indian Romance Hand Carved Mango Wood Bangle Bracelets, from India (Set of 3) $20


For more Eco gift ideas, visit

Eco Frugalists Gifts: Home & Office 

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We LOVE finding  deals and Frugalista gifts that will delight and – more often – not break the budget. Especially ones that give you ideas of your own. All  so you don’t have to rack your brain.

You just have to know who your recipients are.

We hope you find the perfect fit or at least get some perfect ideas for your gift recipient.


Thanks for coming by!

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