I ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT, GRAD – EVEN THOUGH I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU Many of us get those graduation announcements from relatives with which you have no real relationship. Or, … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Budget Fashionistas Gotta Have It (Limited time!)

Be a Gift Hero – No armor, hammers or capes necessary The Kate Spade “up to 75% off” Surprise purse/wallet sale takes care of this. These bold and stylish beauties … Continue reading

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Frugalista #Mother’s Day #Gifts: Last Minute Doesn’t Mean Less Love

So, it’s D-Day and a half. You can still delight Mama with something that she’ll actually like/love and use. Appliances* seem cliche? Trust, if it makes her life easier (healthier…better), … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Valentine Day-It’s Not Just the Man

Great Food (#Gifts) Is A Way To His and Her Heart For The Foodie Gift Recipient  (and those that simply love good eats)   Does that fit your #Valentine? Then, … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Know Who They Are? 2

GIVE THE GIFT THAT FITS YOUR GIFT RECIPIENTS Giving the perfect gift is easier than you think … if you think about it.  Who are they; what do they love/like, need, … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: DAD & GRAD-Special without breaking the bank

GRUB FOR DAD OR THE GRAD EAT NOW OR ENTERTAIN LATER Does Dad or the grad love impromptu dinner parties/get-togethers? If they love food  and/or entertaining, help them make it special. As … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: It’s Not too late – DADS & GRADS Socializing

Give gifts that aid the celebration parties both Dads & graduates will host. Of course, the grads will probably throw those parties sooner. And more often. Still it’s summer, so Dad … Continue reading

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FRUGALISTA MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS: Green, Fragrant & Edible; and Their Peeps

Versatile Mother’s Day Gifts that Provide Beauty and Sustenance A different take on foliage for the Mom that loves plants; and  cooks or juices. Some mothers, notably cooks, might prefer … Continue reading

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MOVING ON UP OR OUT: HOUSEWARMING PARTY Kitchen Edition Despite a few recent warnings about a forthcoming U.S. housing bubble, the market is still hot-especially now. Many reports declared 2015 … Continue reading

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INCREASE IN RELOCATIONS AND HOUSE SALES = PARTY AT THEIR NEW PLACE AND FRUGAL-ISTA HOUSEWARMING GIFTS Here’s a few Frugalista gift ideas.     HOUSEWARMING NECESSITIES Your gift recipient need coffee? Stat? … Continue reading

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