Frugal-ista Gift Ideas: Hard to Buy For? 12+ IDEAS

Gift recipient seems to have everything,         need nothing?    I have several friends like that.  So you have to find a gift that’s complementary to something they have … Continue reading

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Whether Gift Recipient Into Beautiful Objects or Beautifying Themselves…                                      These will give … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: 10 “Thanks” for the Labor

 GIFTS FOR YOUR HOSTS WHO LABORED FOR YOUR GOOD TIME Labor Day weekend often means parties and gatherings.  You’ll probably want to take a gift for your hosts. Food and … Continue reading

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Frugalista Grad Gifts: 8 For Comfort

In Style – in comfort   Feet Don’t Fail Them Now He’ll wear the Rail Austin Buck Shoe  (or similar, suede or leather) works well with suit components, chinos and … Continue reading

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I ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT, GRAD – EVEN THOUGH I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU Many of us get those graduation announcements from relatives with which you have no real relationship. Or, … Continue reading

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Frugalista Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: The Pampered Mom

MOMMA NEEDS SOME PAMPERING – NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS    Now, the pampering Ma needs may be missing from this page, but these Mother’s Day gift ideas should give you some … Continue reading

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Frugalista Mother’s Day Gifts: It Takes All Types

Whether you call her Mom, Mother, Mommy, Ma, Mamma, Madre, Maman, Mere, Haha… …she likely had a profoundly positive effect on you. So, even though the clock is ticking you … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts:Mother’s Day – OUTDOOR/GREEN THUMB MAMA

Mom loves to garden or view one? We got you. Happy Mother’s Day! And no worries about time frame – as often, these gift suggestions are available at local stores.  … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Budget Fashionistas Gotta Have It (Limited time!)

Be a Gift Hero – No armor, hammers or capes necessary The Kate Spade “up to 75% off” Surprise purse/wallet sale takes care of this. These bold and stylish beauties … Continue reading

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Frugalista #Mother’s Day #Gifts: Last Minute Doesn’t Mean Less Love

So, it’s D-Day and a half. You can still delight Mama with something that she’ll actually like/love and use. Appliances* seem cliche? Trust, if it makes her life easier (healthier…better), … Continue reading

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