Not by a long shot. Great Frugalista gifts and bargains, like Santa and the M & Ms, do exist. Black Friday is over, but great savings for holiday gifts can still … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: 10 “Thanks” for the Labor

 GIFTS FOR YOUR HOSTS WHO LABORED FOR YOUR GOOD TIME Labor Day weekend often means parties and gatherings.  You’ll probably want to take a gift for your hosts. Food and … Continue reading

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Frugalista Grad Gifts: 8 For Comfort

In Style – in comfort   Feet Don’t Fail Them Now He’ll wear the Rail Austin Buck Shoe  (or similar, suede or leather) works well with suit components, chinos and … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: 10+ Valentine Gifts $25 or less

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Only Candy, Sparkles & Flowers Gifting the food your Valentine loves is love. Being concerned about their health and well-being shows love, too.   The Apple Pear … Continue reading

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FRUGALISTA GIFTS: Being Fair on Valentine’s Day

Spreading the Love with Valentine Day Gifts What if you, and your gifts, could be altruistic, support free trade, and have a positive eco impact? Valentine gifts like the handcrafted … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Know Who They Are? 2

GIVE THE GIFT THAT FITS YOUR GIFT RECIPIENTS Giving the perfect gift is easier than you think … if you think about it.  Who are they; what do they love/like, need, … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Do You Know Who They Are?

GIVE THE PERFECT GIFT Take a moment and think about who they are; what they love/like, need, like/would like to do, wish they had; where they dream of going or … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Keep it Outdoors for $25 or less

THEY LOVE THE OUTDOORS/ SPORTING LIFE (or think about/ observe it anyway) . Dreaming of adventure Just looking at the cover of Fifty Places to Hike Before You Die, by … Continue reading

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FOR DÉCOR MOM Sometimes it’s just about looking pretty – that includes Mom’s space. Does your mother love adding beauty and uniqueness to her home? Get Mom’s Place Looking Even … Continue reading

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FRUGALISTA MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS: Green, Fragrant & Edible; and Their Peeps

Versatile Mother’s Day Gifts that Provide Beauty and Sustenance A different take on foliage for the Mom that loves plants; and  cooks or juices. Some mothers, notably cooks, might prefer … Continue reading

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