Not by a long shot. Great Frugalista gifts and bargains, like Santa and the M & Ms, do exist. Black Friday is over, but great savings for holiday gifts can still … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: 10 “Thanks” for the Labor

 GIFTS FOR YOUR HOSTS WHO LABORED FOR YOUR GOOD TIME Labor Day weekend often means parties and gatherings.  You’ll probably want to take a gift for your hosts. Food and … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Valentine Joy, $50 or less

Valentine Ideas That Run the Gamut Valentine an emerging or diehard baseball fan? The Major League Ball Parks Map might piqué interest. American and National League stadiums shown on map, printed … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: 10+ Valentine Gifts $25 or less

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Only Candy, Sparkles & Flowers Gifting the food your Valentine loves is love. Being concerned about their health and well-being shows love, too.   The Apple Pear … Continue reading

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FRUGALISTA GIFTS: Being Fair on Valentine’s Day

Spreading the Love with Valentine Day Gifts What if you, and your gifts, could be altruistic, support free trade, and have a positive eco impact? Valentine gifts like the handcrafted … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Know Who They Are? 2

GIVE THE GIFT THAT FITS YOUR GIFT RECIPIENTS Giving the perfect gift is easier than you think … if you think about it.  Who are they; what do they love/like, need, … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Do You Know Who They Are?

GIVE THE PERFECT GIFT Take a moment and think about who they are; what they love/like, need, like/would like to do, wish they had; where they dream of going or … Continue reading

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Frugalista Gifts: Ssshh, IT’S A SECRET

FRUGALISTA GIFTS $15 & UNDER (ALL KINDS FOR ALL KINDS)   You might be a Secret Santa this Christmas; need stocking stuffers, take part in gift exchanges (work, church, groups) or … Continue reading

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FRUGALISTA MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS: Green, Fragrant & Edible; and Their Peeps

Versatile Mother’s Day Gifts that Provide Beauty and Sustenance A different take on foliage for the Mom that loves plants; and  cooks or juices. Some mothers, notably cooks, might prefer … Continue reading

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 LAST MINUTE FRUGALISTA GIFTS TO KEEP MOM HAPPY IN THE KITCHEN     MOTHER KNOWS BEST IN THE KITCHEN   Some fantastic sibling group gifts follow!   Give the cooking Mother … Continue reading

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